Reality vs. Truth video response.

The film that I decided to watch was “F is for fake” by Orson Wells. Although this film to me is a bit dated, I enjoyed watching it. The film follows a fictional character named Elmyr de Hory, who in a sense is a con artist. This film blurs fact and fiction in the sense that:

  1. There actually are con-artists who try and swindle people out of their money.
  2. The film shows and describes many tricks and secrets that con artists use to “steal” money.
  3. Changing your perspective on a subject can create an entirely different outcome.
  4. Orson blends other characters from other films into this one which creates an entirely different mood/environment.
  5. Towards the end of the film, Elmyr starts to become careless and soon find thats he is soon to be discovered as a “fake.”

I believe that this film mirrors Orson’s career and analyzes himself in place of the artist Oja Kodar – He compares himself to picasso in the sense that they were both failures, however their work ended up being praised and not “fake” but desired and real.

I think that this approach – fact and fiction – “tricking your audience into what you want them to believe” is very effective. Photography is a from of: Art, Expression, Communication, Discovery, Illusion, Interpretation.

After watching “F is for fake” It has given me inspiration to truly think outside of the box and challenge my viewer. My work is usually straight and to the point, I don’t like to beat around the bush, and I think that if I come up with some creative ideas, I can visually challenge my viewer in the sense that they “don’t know what they’re looking at – and actually have to think about what I’m trying to portray” and or show different perspectives of everyday items.


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